Bo's Effort 4th Annual Golf Tournament

Prince Harry Partners with Oprah for
New Upcoming Mental Health Series!

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Mariah Carey reveals battle with Bipolar Disorder


Dwayne Johnson praised for opening up about his battle with depression: 'I was crying constantly' 


"You're not alone; never give up." Powerful letters from celebrities to their youngerselves and you.


When Athletes Share Their Battles with Mental Illness

Roughly one in five American adults suffer from mental illnesses. Athletes might be more at risk. Here, eight of them tell their authentic stories.


Former NFL star Johnny Manziel Reveals Bipolar Diagnosis  CLICK HERE


Tipper Gore is back advocating for mental health care. ‘It’s time for everyone who can to step up.’  CLICK HERE


The Royal Family forms Heads Together, a foundation to shine a light on mental health issues.

"Asking for Help is Life Changing" –  Prince William

Celebrities and politicians are also trying to break the stigma of mental illness.

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